Showcasing STS Across Borders

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STS Across Borders is a special exhibit created to help advance the intellectual diversity and international character of 4S and STS by showcasing STS formations from different regions, diasporas, and genealogies. The exhibit helps realize the theme of 4S’s 2018 annual conference, TRANSnational STS. The exhibit will be installed gallery-style in Sydney. The exhibit’s digital collections are hosted at  infraStrucTureS and will remain open access, with features that facilitate use in teaching and dialogue between different STS communities.

Collections within the STS Across Borders exhibit focus on STS in Australia, Chile, Japan, India, and Turkey (for example), on different STS journals, and on various STS departments and centers. These collections explore different ways STS has developed across time and space, and the structures, infrastructures, and systems that have allowed–or worked against–the cultivation of STS modes of thinking. An evolving catalog of the STS Across Borders collections that will be featured at 4S Sydney can be accessed here.

STS Across Borders digital collections are made up of shadow-box like displays of text, images, audio, and video recordings. The gallery-style exhibit in Sydney includes selections from the digital collections presented as ensembles of small posters. On the first day of the gallery exhibit (Thursday, August 30), posters will be installed as exhibitor-designed collections. On the second day of the exhibit (Friday, August 31), posters will be reassembled by the STS Across Borders Design Group to draw out comparisons across different STS formations. Posters installed for the gallery exhibit will be archived online (at infraStrucTureS) as photo essays and as downloadable pdfs. STS Across Borders posters have been imagined as being freely reproducible for easy display and reuse in varied contexts.

STS Across Borders has many experimental dimensions — in the way it draws STS researchers into collaborative, comparative work, in the way it is archiving and curating the history of the field, and in the way it asks exhibitors to characterize distinctive modes of STS while also drawing out diversity within any particular STS formation. We will also be experimenting with a new form of review — that we’ve called an “elaborative review” — that asks reviewers to suggest what could be added to or elaborated in a collection to better convey the history, context, and dynamics of the particular STS formation under consideration. Review commentaries will be public and become part of the collection reviewed.

STS Across Borders is designed to stimulate interaction across different regional and intellectual formations of STS, and to generate infrastructures — of collection, collaboration, circulation, and review — that can enable and support those interactions. To reflect on these and other matters, we are organizing an open discussion session at 4S Sydney on Saturday, Sept 1, 2.00-3.30 pm, STS Across Borders: Recap and Next Steps.

We look forward to seeing many conference delegates throughout 4S Sydney!

Visit us:

STS Across Borders Digital Collections: http://stsinfrastructures.org

STS Across Borders Gallery Exhibit: 5th floor lobby, ICC; Thursday and Friday, August 30-31; 9.00-10.30 am and 12.30-2.00 pm

Open Meeting, STS Across Borders: Recap and Next Steps: Saturday, September 1; 2.00-3.30 pm, Room E 3.10

Twitter: #STSAB18