STS Across Borders: Contributing Editors Program

To support the STS Across Borders initiative launched by the Society for the Social Studies of Science (4S) in the lead up its annual conference to be held in Sydney, Australia from Aug 29 – Sept 1, 2018 (4S Sydney), the STS Across Borders Design Group will run a Contributing Editors Program from Feb 1, 2018 through 4S Sydney.

Contributing Editors can work on a project that they select themselves. They can also be assigned projects by the Design Group or assist other exhibitors in developing their respective exhibits. Contributing Editors can be at any career stage: from master’s and doctoral level students to early career researchers and beyond. Students are especially encouraged to join the program: STS Across Borders Design Group can help identify ways student contributions can serve to fulfil research requirements or take the form of independent studies at their respective home institutions.

Contributing Editors will provide support in one or more of the following tasks:

  • Creating, editing, and curating content for the STS Across Borders archive. This can take various forms–for example, interfacing with STS journals, interviewing STS scholars, and collecting material artefacts that can help draw out institutional histories etc.–all of which will then be uploaded to the STS Across Border virtual archive with appropriate captions and annotations.
  • Contributing to a collective bibliography on STS Genealogies that will become a shared resource across various STS communities.
  • Serving as Editorial Infrastructure Fellow in order to help other exhibitors gain familiarity with the digital environment of the STS Across Borders archive.
  • Tweeting, blogging, and/or undertaking other promotional tasks toward generating visibility and momentum for the STS Across Borders initiative.

Contributing editors are expected to collaborate intensively on their respective teams, and be in regular communication with their regional Design Group representative. Contributing editors will also be expected to participate in a monthly virtual interaction with their regional Design Group representative. On a few occasions, the Design Group will also host virtual global interaction among all contributing editors.  All contributing editors will also be expected to undergo online training in late February to gain familiarity with the digital architecture that will host STS Across Borders exhibits.

Regional STS Across Borders Design Group Representatives:

Americas: Vivian Choi ()

U.K. and Europe: Anna Harris ()

Africa: Angela Okune ()

Turkey, Middle East, and Central Asia: Maral Erol ()

South and South-East Asia: Aalok Khandekar ()

Asia Pacific Region: Grant Otsuki ()

Lead Digital Editor: Lindsay Poirier ()

Sign up here if interested in participating on or before February 5, 2018.

Questions? Contact Aalok Khandekar (