Call for Papers, Closed Panels, Making and Doing Presentations, and STS Across Borders Exhibits

Sydney, Australia, 29 August to 1 September 2018

Deadline extended through Feb, 2018

There are many ways to participate in the 4S 2018 conference: presenting a paper in an open panel, a closed panel, or a panel formed by the program committee; being a discussant; chairing a panel; participating in a Making and Doing session; participating in the STS Across Borders Exhibit, attending a pre-conference event, and taking part in the range of social and collegial events across the 4S conference.


The theme of the 2018 annual meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science – TRANSnational STS – encourages presentations, panels, and other events that deepen and extend the transnational character of the Society itself, while engaging issues invoked by both the TRANS prefix (across, beyond, to change thoroughly), and by the problematic and evolving status of ‘nations’ in processes of global ordering. Click here for the full theme statement, or here for translations of the theme statement into a wide range of languages.

Participation guidelines

In order to maximise participation across the conference, the programme committee will be following a set of guidelines in reviewing paper submissions and panel abstracts.

In general terms participants will be limited to One ‘Presenter Role’ and Two additional ‘Non-Presenter Roles’ in the conference.

Presenter Roles will include:

  • Presentation of a research paper and;
  • Participation in a panel discussion.

Non-Presenter Roles will include:

  • Panel organisers and;
  • Panel discussants and;
  • Organisation or participation in a Making and Doing session and;
  • Participation in the 4S poster session.

Panel chairing is not counted towards a role.

Some example combinations:
Some possible combinations of these role limits might include, the presentation of a research paper (Presenter Role), together with chairing a panel (Non-Presenter Role) and presenting a poster (Non-Presenter Role).

Alternatively, you might like to combine a role as a panel discussant (Non-Presenter Role) with presenting a paper (Presenter Role) and participating in a team in the Making and Doing Session (Non-Presenter Role).

4S is committed to supporting the participation of parents and carers of children. Therefore, please indicate what you anticipate your childcare needs may be during the conference, at the time of abstract submission to help us plan for the best support possible (we will be exploring a range of options, that we will share before the registration deadline).

Twitter, photos and online presence
We are envisaging that 4S Sydney will have a lively participation across a range of online formats with some participants wishing to live-Tweet or upload photos to social media. If you do NOT want live tweeting during your presentations or photos taken of you or your slides, please let the audience know at the start of the panel and/or the start of your paper.

Good conference participation
We ask that all our participants are respectful of presenters’ preferences regarding live-Tweeting, or taking and sharing photos.

Ways to Participate

Paper submission to Open Panels
Closed Panels and single papers
Making and Doing
STS Across Borders Exhibit