Closed Panels and single papers

Single paper submissions should be in the form of abstracts of up to 250 words. They should include the paper’s main arguments, methods, and contributions to STS. If you are not submitting your paper as part of a closed panel proposal, we strongly encourage you to submit your paper abstract to an open panel. When you submit your paper, you will be asked to designate one or more topical STS Research Areas using a drop-down menu. Single papers not associated with closed or open panels will be organised into panels by the program committee.

Each closed panel proposal should contain a summary and rationale of up to 250 words, including a brief discussion of its contribution to STS. A panel proposal must contain a minimum of three paper abstracts conforming to the criteria above. A maximum of six time slots are available per session (e.g. 5 papers plus 1 discussant). A panel can run over more than one session, and up to 4 sessions in total. If the proposal contains fewer than five papers, the Program Committee may assign additional papers to your panel to optimise scheduling and participation. We encourage closed panel organiser to include people from diverse regions, in keeping with the conference theme.