Special Exhibits: STS Across Borders

(online and in Sydney)

Abstracts open: Dec 1st, 2017. Abstracts close: Feb 1st, 2018.

The conference will include special exhibits in keeping with its theme — TRANSnational STS — that showcase STS from different regions, diasporas, and genealogies. Exhibits in STS Across Borders will be presented gallery-style in Sydney, and also curated as online collections that can be preserved and elaborated over time in a new 4S archive. Both gallery and online material can be presented in many languages. The goal is to build deeply diverse grounds for the future of STS and 4S. Proposals for STS Across Borders Exhibits should be approximately 250 words, indicating the title and focus of the exhibit, and the kind of material expected to be archived online. Proposed projects do not have to have a deep digital archiving component. Minimally, proposals should include a plan for a small gallery exhibit consisting of a set of small posters (50x40cm /20x16in). Exhibitors are encouraged to address shared questions that will allow comparisons between exhibits. Exhibit curators will work with the STS Across Borders Design Group to work out allowable formats, permissions, and so on. Proposals can be submitted by individuals or groups, but must have a clear lead-curator. To submit a digital exhibit, at least one curator for each project must complete online training to learn about the project’s digital platform. This training will give curators both autonomy within the project platform, and capacity to connect to curators of other exhibits.